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Michelangelo and the Popes Ceiling

Ross King (Edition: 1st) Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
Michelangelo and the Popes Ceiling

Ross King (Edition: First Edition, First Printing) Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Concerning the Spiritual in Art

Wassily Kandinsky (Edition: Revised) Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
Praying in Color: Drawing a New Path to God (Active Prayer)

Sybil MacBeth  Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
Art and the Bible (IVP Classics)

Francis A. Schaeffer (Edition: 2) Mass Market Paperback

Our Price: $7.67
The Lost Christmas Gift

Andrew Beckham  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Art & religion

V. Ogden Vogt  Paperback

Our Price: $15.48
SUPER DEAL: $13.16
Savings: $2.32
Full of Grace: Encountering Mary in Faith, Art, and Life

Judith Dupre  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Hometown Memories (Lighted Path Collection)

Thomas Kinkade  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Imagine: A Vision for Christians in the Arts

Steve Turner  Paperback

Our Price: $6.48
The Brick Bible: A New Spin on the Old Testament

Brendan Powell Smith  Paperback

Our Price: $3.55
The Lost Painting: The Quest for a Caravaggio Masterpiece

Jonathan Harr  Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
Son of Man: Volume III, King of Kings

Susan Easton Black  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Every Day Light : Daily Inspirations

Selwyn Hughes illustrated edition Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
The Book of Kells: Selected Plates in Full Color

Cirker, Blanche  Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
Art of the Cross

Mary Emmerling (Edition: 1) Hardcover

Our Price: $3.69
The Angel Tree: A Christmas Celebration

Linn Howard, Mary Jane Pool  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Mary: Images of the Holy Mother

Jacqueline Orsini  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Athena and Eden: The Hidden Meaning of the Parthenons East Faade.

Jr. Robert Bowie Johnson  ~ Paperback

Our Price: $3.75
Basilica: The Splendor and the Scandal: Building St. Peters

R. A. Scotti First edition Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Symbols of the Church

Carroll E. Whittemore (Edition: Revised) Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
Bible Illustrations (Book & CD-ROM)

Dover Publications Inc  Paperback

Our Price: $7.33
The Saint Makers: Contemporary Santeras y Santeros

Chuck Rosenak, Jan Rosenak (Edition: 1st) Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
The Image of Christ

Morgan Weistling  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Images of Hope: Meditations on Major Feasts

Joseph Ratzinger  Hardcover

Our Price: $4.46
Sister Wendys Book of Meditations

Wendy Beckett  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
The Sistine Secrets: Michelangelos Forbidden Messages in the Heart of the Vatican

Benjamin Blech, Roy Doliner (Edition: 1ST) Hardcover

Our Price: $6.80
Forgiven The Painting by Thomas Blackshear II

Roy Lessin  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Jesus Christ, Son of Man: The Early Years

Susan Easton Black  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Sister Wendys Book of Saints

Wendy Beckett  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Lightposts for Living: The Art of Choosing a Joyful Life

Thomas Kinkade  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
The Lost Painting: The Quest for a Caravaggio Masterpiece

Jonathan Harr (Edition: 1st) Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Goddess: Mother of Living Nature (Art & Imagination)

Adele Getty  Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
Last Supper

Editors of Phaidon Press  Paperback

Our Price: $3.59
Patron Saints: A Feast of Holy Cards

Barbara Calamari, Sandra DiPasqua  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.70
A Handbook of Symbols in Christian Art

Gertrude Grace Sill  Paperback

Our Price: $4.09
With Wings Like Eagles: The Great American Century

Thomas Kinkade  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
A Treasure of Christmas Religious Art

Van B. (editor) Hooper  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
A Little Book of Gargoyles

Mike Harding  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Environment and Art in Catholic Worship

Bishops Committee on the Liturgy  Paperback

Our Price: $4.74
Goddesses in Art

F. Lanier Graham (Edition: First Edition) Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Song of Creation

Carl Brenders  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.63
Guadalupe: Body and Soul

Marie-Pierre Colle  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
The Lost Painting (Random House Large Print Nonfiction)

Jonathan Harr  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
In the Midst of Chaos, Peace

Sister Wendy Beckett, Dan Paulos, Mary J. Dorcy (Edition: First) Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Shrines: Images of Italian Worship

Steven Rothfeld  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.66
Saint Augustine

Bavel, T.J. van  Hardcover

Our Price: $17.47
Saints: Men and Women of Exceptional Faith

Jacques Duquesne  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Painters of Faith

Gene Edward Veith, Gene Veith  Hardcover

Our Price: $8.49