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The Book of Myself A Do-It-Yourself Autobiography In 201 Questions

Carl Marshall, David Marshall (Edition: Revised) Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
The 100: A Ranking Of The Most Influential Persons In History

Michael H. Hart (Edition: Revised) Paperback

Our Price: $7.69
Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America

Brigitte Gabriel  Hardcover

Our Price: $7.74
Legacy : A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Personal History

Linda Spence (Edition: 1) Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
Let Me Hear Your Voice: A Familys Triumph over Autism

Catherine Maurice  Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
Benjamin Franklin: An American Life

Walter Isaacson  Paperback

Our Price: $3.60
The Fortunate Pilgrim

Mario Puzo  Mass Market Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
A Man Without a Country

Kurt Vonnegut  Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
Brave Companions: Portraits In History

David McCullough (Edition: Trade Paperback Edition) Paperback

Our Price: $5.35
The Story of a Lifetime: A Keepsake of Personal Memoirs

Pamela Pavuk, J. Richard Huxen (Edition: Plum) Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Pioneer Women: Voices from the Kansas Frontier

Joanna Stratton (Edition: 1st Touchstone) Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Man

Henry Louis Gates Jr  Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
The Fourth K

Mario Puzo  Mass Market Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
Salt and Steel: Reflections of a Submariner

Edward L. Beach Jr.  Hardcover

Our Price: $4.66
The Fortunate Pilgrim

Mario Puzo (Edition: 1st Ballantine Books Ed) Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
The Triumph of Liberty: A 2,000 Year History Told Through the Lives of Freedoms Greatest Champions

James Powell, Paul Johnson (Edition: 1ST) Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Accardo: The Genuine Godfather

William F. Roemer Jr.  Mass Market Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
Great Souls: Six Who Changed the Century

David Aikman  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Indian Boyhood (Native American)

Charles A. Eastman  Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
I Dream a World: Portraits of Black Women Who Changed America

Barbara Summers  Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
Enforcer: Spilotro: The Chicago Mobs Man Over Las Vegas

William F. Roemer Jr.  Mass Market Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
The Complete Book of U.S. Presidents

William A. Degregorio (Edition: 4th) Paperback

Our Price: $3.63
Saints for Every Occasion: 101 of Heavens Most Powerful Patrons

Thomas J. Craughwell  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Daughters of the Earth

Carolyn Niethammer  Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
Kauai Stories: Life on the Garden Island told by Kauais People

Pamela Varma Brown  Paperback

Our Price: $6.43
The Little, Brown Book of Anecdotes

Clifton Fadiman  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.80
KISS: Behind the Mask - The Official Authorized Biography

David Leaf, Ken Sharp  Paperback

Our Price: $4.78
Great Negroes: Past and Present: Volume Two

Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu, Erica Myles, Nichelle Wilson (Edition: 1st) Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
Great Negroes: Past and Present: Volume One

Russell L. Adams Third edition Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
The Definitive Wit of Winston Churchill

Langworth, Richard  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
The End of Time

David Horowitz (Edition: 1) Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
My Sister Marilyn: A Memoir of Marilyn Monroe

Berniece Baker Miracle, Mona Rae Miracle (Edition: 1st) Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Complete Book of U.S. Presidents

William DeGregorio (Edition: 5 Sub) Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Raoul Wallenberg: The Man Who Stopped Death

Sharon Linnea  Paperback

Our Price: $4.40
Great People of the 20th Century

The Editors of TIME (Edition: 1St Edition) Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Separated at Birth 2

Spy Magazine (Edition: 1st) Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
My Life with Pablo Neruda

Matilde Urrutia (Edition: 1) Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Book Business: Publishing Past, Present, and Future

Jason Epstein (Edition: 1st) Paperback

Our Price: $3.50
Mary Lincoln; Biography of a Marriage.

Ruth Randall (Edition: Early Printing) Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Let Me Hear Your Voice: A Familys Triumph Over Autism

Catherine Maurice (Edition: 1st) Hardcover

Our Price: $3.50
Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix

Charles R. Cross (Edition: 1st ed) Hardcover

Our Price: $4.73
Left For Dead

R.k. Jensen  Paperback

Our Price: $4.34
The Encyclopedia of Saints

Rosemary Ellen Guiley  Paperback

Our Price: $6.47
Reluctant Witness: Memoirs from the Last Year of the European Air War, 1944-45

Brian H. Mahoney, James J. Mahoney  Paperback

Our Price: $8.53
Farewell, Godspeed: The Greatest Eulogies of Our Time

Cyrus M. Copeland (Edition: 1) Hardcover

Our Price: $6.73