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Introducing the Discover Books buyback program,
Now you can make money on the books you no longer need. Old college text books, classic novels, children's books, anything you have.

Fast Cash for Your Books

Download the app and start scanning! We'll send you postage and pay you once we receive and review the books.

PiggyBook is on the App Store .
PiggyBook is on Google Play .

The Story of 3 Little Pigs

How It Works - We pay you for your books! Sounds easy - and it is.

Get the app. You will need a device on which you can load our PiggyBook app (click on the black buttons above). Once you load the app, you can get started.

Add books. There are three ways to add books into your trade cart:
  1. Scan the book's original barcode. This is the preferred, most accurate method. Beware some retailers will cover the original barcode with a sticker.
  2. Type in the ISBN-10 or ISBN-13 value. The book's ISBN can be found inside the book - usually a page or two before the table of contents.
  3. If the barcode/ISBN isn't visible or readable, you can take a picture of the cover. Our proprietary software will present matching choices - pick the correct title and binding (paperback, hardcover, etc).
Check out. Once you get $5 or more worth of books to trade, click on the Cart icon at the bottom of the screen; there will be links/instructions on how to complete the trade. You will need to log into the app with the same username and password that you have on You will need to provide a PayPal account email address as well.

Send your books. Once the trade is completed, we will email you a shipping label and instructions. We pay for shipping! The shipping label is good for one package, so make sure you can fit all your books into one box. You will box your books (with a copy of the email we send you), tape the package well, attach the shipping label, and send the package at a local post office or schedule a pickup by clicking here.

Get Paid. Once we receive your package and verify the contents and condition, we will send you money via PayPal. That's it! Easy stuff.

Additional Notes
Due to volume and shipping costs, we cannot return any books that are rejected (usually due to bad condition or binding mismatch) or books that are sent (in error) that are not part of the trade. If you take a picture of the book's cover for adding a book, it is very important that you pick the correct binding. If you send us a paperback book, but the binding you chose was hardcover, we will not accept the book, and you will not receive payment for it. (The same book in hardcover versus paperback will have different ISBN values, which is what we use for verifying the books you send us.) Books sent are considered property of Discover Books.

Books need to be in good condition to be accepted. All pages and the cover must be intact. Pages may include limited notes and highlighting, but the text cannot be obscured or unreadable. No signs of liquid, fire, or other damage should be present. We do not accept Advanced Reader Copy editions of books or other editions that are marked Not For Resale or not intended for general public sale.

Not all books are accepted by the app. Sometimes we already have plenty copies of a book, or it is a copy of a book that doesn't sell often. Our acceptance software performs many calculations in a split second to determine whether we can accept a book or not.

A PayPal account is required for payment. It is important that you use the correct email address. Incorrect emails may result in money sent to someone other than you. In these cases, it is unlikely that we can recover the sent money and redirect it to you.

Images taken with the PiggyBook app are sent to our servers and are considered property of DiscoverBooks.

The app is only available in the US. Free shipping is included for books shipped within the 48 contiguous US states.

* Free Shipping applies to all orders shipped to the contiguous 48 United States. Variable shipping rates apply to Alaska, Hawaii, and the American Territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands) as well as International orders shipped to countries other than the USA.