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Our Success Stories

"We’ve been working with Discover Books for years. They help both our Library and our Friends of the Library manage the large volume of donations coming in from the public and our discarded library materials. They come promptly on schedule and truly offer a turn-key solution. We simply load up a bin and box any additional materials we might collect each week and they do the rest. This relieves a great deal of staff and volunteer time because we don’t have to handle the items more than once.

Additionally, our town suffered an earthquake in early fall 2014 and Discover Books helped by making special trips as our community took advantage of their falling shelves by donating a lot of items, rather than putting it back up on their walls. It was as easy as emailing to confirm times.

Finally, their pricing structure is straightforward and easy to calculate. This is especially helpful for our Friends of the Library and as it allows them to easy estimate their budget."

Anthony Halstead | Assistant Director, Napa County Library

"Discover Books has been a valued partner to Friends of The Seattle Public Library. The company delivers on promises, follows through on commitments and values its service to Library programs. This pride in service is evident from their leaders to their managers to the drivers. We couldn’t ask for a better experience. To top it off, we’ve partnered with Discover Books’ book give-away program, helping to get thousands of books into the hands of kids in our community, furthering city-wide literacy efforts."

Alice Springer | Operations Manager, Friends of The Seattle Public Library

"Bloomington Public Library had a dilemma, and Discover Books proved to be the answer. Though the Library’s used Book Shop is very successful, the Library was receiving far more donated items than could have possibly been stored or sold in a single month’s time. Discover Books came in with a plan that included zero staff time, zero chance of injury, and a very minimal need for storage space.

In the 2.5 years the Bloomington Public Library has been partnering with Discover Books, Discovery Books has proven themselves to be reliable, flexible, fair, and adaptable. This Library is very happy to be in partnership with Discover Books. "

Rhonda Massie | Marketing Manager, Bloomington Public Library

"Our Library Foundation's book sale volunteers use Discover Books to maximize the earning potential of our library donations and discards. Discover Books has been a great partner in this. They are very easy to work with when coordinating pick-up of materials. It's great to know that they are giving new life to these books!"

Margaret Peebles | Division Chief of Access Services, Gail Borden Public Library District

"It would be hard for me to exaggerate our satisfaction with Discover Books. For the last 12 months alone, we have relied on Discover to pick up almost 40 tons of our surplus inventory. The size of our operation, combined with the space available to us, dictates that our pick-ups must be made within a well- defined, narrow window. We know that we can rely on Discover Books to deliver what we need and make good on their promises. We have found everyone in their operation -- from scheduling commitments, to making pick-ups and timely payments -- to be efficient, reliable, and accommodating. It is without hesitation that we recommend Discover Books."

Rich Leon | Friends of the Schenectady County Public Library

"At the Princeton Public Library, Discover Books handles all the discarded books from our Friends book sale and from the library itself … a few thousand pounds every month. Discover Books supplies us with Gaylord boxes and pallets - all we need. To schedule a pick-up, we just send them a text message. It’s a very easy to use service to move a very large amount of material. In the last year they have improved their pricing policy, so that part of the operation is quite straightforward too. We’re very satisfied. "

Helen Heintz, Book Sale Chair, Friends of the Princeton Public Library

The Big Impact of a Humble Book

At Community Health Clinic Ole in Napa, California, passionate healthcare workers provide primary care to low-income families who struggle to carry health insurance. Due to their economic instability, many of these families also lack reading materials in their homes. Now, as a result of a partnership between Clinic Ole, Discover Books and Reach Out and Read, a national literacy campaign – children who visit Clinic Ole have a chance to improve their literacy skills and their well-being.

In the past, explained Dr. Sonja Lee, Clinical Director of Pediatrics, the Clinic tried to provide books to children at each visit. The books however, needed to be purchased. “Over time,” says Dr. Lee “the Clinic was not able to support the required fundraising efforts and the program stalled.” That’s when an innovative young medical student had an idea.

Dr. Lee’s young colleague did some research and found out about Discover Books’ book donation program. “It was serendipity,” says Dr. Lee. “Through Discover Books and Reach Out and Read we are being provided with great books for our children; it’s having a big impact.”

“Just yesterday there were three children in the waiting room,” Dr. Lee recounted. “While they were waiting, I went to the back and selected three high-quality books – one on pirates, one about fairy tales, and a word book. When I brought them out, they all got excited and immediately started reading the books.” Adds Dr. Lee, “The children focus so much on the books, that they forget they were ever nervous or scared.” The best part is that the children take the books home, “that is what they remember most about their visit to the doctors.”

In a low-income community where literacy is lacking, getting more books into households is a major achievement. “One book at a time, these children build their own libraries at home,” she adds. “When children read at home, they have a big influence on their entire family.” With the books donated by Discover Books and distributed by Clinic Ole through the Reach Out and Read Program this year, a lasting impact is being made in the local community.

Books are Hope

For one girl, books and education mean the promise of a new future. Cynthia's mother has been in and out of jail her whole life. During her young life she’s experienced hardships most adults never do, living in transitional housing situations, and trying to survive. Cynthia is bright, motivated, and eager to succeed, which she is, thanks to support from Children First Academy (CFA), a non-profit charter school she attended until 8th grade. (www.cfaphoenix.org), Today, Cynthia is enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at her high school and lives in one of the first stable housing situations she’s ever had.

The cornerstone of her success is a passion for reading and learning, which Cynthia was able to satisfy through the Academy’s library.

According to Dina Gerdon, Community Development Director, the Academy’s library exists due in large part to a donation of thousands of books by Discover Books. Says Ms. Gerdon, “as a result of these significant donations, our library was built – and it’s giving kids a chance to succeed. The books are critical to developing the imagination of children and are important to giving them a new perspective and hope for the future.” Ms. Gerdon adds, “it’s not just the children that are impacted." Seeing the difference books make in the lives of underserved children motivates the staff as well. “Looking at the hope in our children’s eyes – that is what keeps us going.” says Ms. Gerdon.

*Names have been changed.