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Help us keep books out of landfills.
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Our Program & How It Works

Resale, Redistribute, Recycle

We fundamentally believe reuse is the best possible form of recycling, and our business model is centered on this core value. This focus allows us to get used books into the hands of people who want and need them most rather than allowing them to become waste or to languish unread.


Our proprietary software system enables us to recognize the marketability of a selected title or genre, even those from pre-bar code days! Thanks to a proprietary software system, we know instantly if a book can find a new owner on Amazon, eBay, or through another online retailer. If it can, we sell the book and ship it out to be enjoyed again.


An important part of our sorting process allows us to identify books that are better suited to become donations to literacy-focused or community-based non-profit organizations, including libraries and schools. The scale of our operation enables us to donate millions of good-quality children’s books to wonderful organizations doing all kinds of important work.

Did you know?

Since our inception, we have donated over 10 million books to non-profit organizations in North America and internationally, and that number continues to grow.


According to estimates, over 2 billion pounds of books in the U.S. are wasted each year! We are proud of the positive impact we’ve made in reducing the over-consumption of natural resources and unnecessary waste to landfills. We work hard to ensure books can be re-sold or donated; however, when a book cannot find a new home, we believe it should be recycled and have a new story to tell.

Did you know?

We have recycled over 500 million pounds of paper, saving books from landfill demise.