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.NET Multithreading
.NET Multithreading
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Multithreaded development is often a difficult and tedious process. The Microsoft .NET framework greatly simplifies multithreaded development. This book attempts to explain multithreaded concepts, applications, and constraints in a way that the typical experienced developer can understand. No multithreaded development background is required. Multithreaded development is often a challenging experience. By understanding the .NET framework, stable and robust multithreaded applications can be developed with minimal effort. The topics relating to multithreaded development are covered completely. The book not only focuses on how a task is performed, but the more important question of why. The strengths and weaknesses of each approach to multithreading are analyzed and explained so that the reader can choose the appropriate approach based on their constraints. The larger architectural issues of multithreaded development are addressed based to a large part on the experiences of the author as well as software engineering techniques. All examples in the book are available in both Visual Basic .NET and C#. The examples alternate between the two languages throughout the book. The primary purpose of this is to avoid confusing language constructs with framework capabilities. Since multithreading support is supplied by the .NET framework, not by one of the languages, the reader learns the objects of the framework in a language they are comfortable in. By providing concrete examples of using multithreading with various technologies the reader is able to relate the new concepts to those they are familiar with.      

Author: Alan Dennis

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Manning Publications

Publication Date: 2003-01-01

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ISBN: 1930110545

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