Melchizedek and the Passover Lamb: The Yahushaic Covenant Volume iii (The Original Revelation Series) (Volume 8)

Melchizedek and the Passover Lamb: The Yahushaic Covenant Volume iii (The Original Revelation Series) (Volume 8) by Rav Shaul 1514251272 9781514251270
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The Bible declares that Yahusha first existed at his human birth to both his parents Joseph (Yahseph) and Mary (Miriam). The proof that he was born with the seed of Yahseph is that he died as death is passed on genetically to all men through the fathers seed (Adam). The Bible declares that Yahusha was born imperfect, void of the knowledge of Yahuah. The Bible further declares that Yahusha was born disobedient with his own selfish will (as all men are) and had to learn obedience. The Bible declares that Yahusha was in need of repentance from sin and that his faith in Yahuah wavered at times and he was consumed with guilt and exceedingly sorrowful. I realize this is not what we have been taught our entire lives, but it is what the Bible declares. In this book, I am going to explore how Yahusha, as Melchizedek and Passover Lamb, took away the sin introduced into the world by Adam while being simply "fully human in every way". I will explain the significance of the Torah in the life of Yahusha as it applies to The Passover Lamb, human Messiah, and Eternal High Priest. The goal in this book is to truly understand the depths of the sacrifice and blood of Yahusha the Messiah. I will introduce the true lineage of Miriam (Mary) as a Princess of Israel and Daughter of Jerusalem. I will introduce Yahseph (Joseph) as a Prince of Israel and a Lion of Judah. Explaining how Yahushas bloodline was carefully cultivated to bring about Melchizedek the Ruling Zadok. This book will explore the meaning behind the baptism (Mikveh) of Yahusha and explain why it is critical to The Plan of Yahuah. That Plan is to purchase The Elects salvation from the curse of death levied by the decrees in The Law. This plan of salvation is expressly laid out in prophecy from Genesis to Revelation. It is given to us in the physical examples of the priesthood, the sacrifices, and detailed in "rehearsals" or physical metaphors found in the Torah. The Torah is the foundation of Yahushas claim to be the Messiah, therefore, we will establish that it is "alive and active" today. The Torah defines his role as Melchizedek and establishes his right to rule through bloodlines and his role as Eternal High Priest of The House of Zadok. All the prophecies and rehearsals in the Torah and Prophets were designed to point to The Messiah and continue to this day to help us understand his role. The Torah explicitly explains his role on Earth to take away sin in the world that holds us all hostage to death. Yahusha literally put to death "sin" by literally dying sinless and therefore defeated death after being PERFECTED during this life through the process of sanctification that we all go through as we too are conformed to his image/example. ----- John 17:19-21 ----- "And for their sakes I sanctify myself (through the Truth), that they (who are conformed to my image/example) also might be sanctified through the truth. Death, the penalty of sin, cannot hold he who is "without sin". Yahusha was then able to defeat the curse of death passed on to mankind through the genetic structure all men inherit from Adam. I explore what "spotless" or "without sin" means and from what point Yahusha was considered "sinless" by Yahuah. We will ask and answer the hard questions such as: Must Yahusha have lived his entire life without sin? Is there any real evidence in scripture that would help us determine Yahushas state of perfection vs. sin at his execution on Passover? If we are truly "saved by faith in the promises of Yahuah", then we all should know and understand what those promises are. We should know how Yahuah fulfilled them to bring about our salvation through Yahusha the Messiah. Faith is not faith if what we have put our trust in was not promised by Yahuah! So what we claim as "faith" had better be firmly grounded in a promise made by Yahuah or we are going to be greatly disappointed.

Author: Rav Shaul

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 134

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication Date: 2015-06-06

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