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The Fatal Shore: The Epic of Australias Founding

Robert Hughes (Edition: 1st Vintage Bks Ed, 1988) Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
Lost in Shangri-La

Mitchell Zuckoff  Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
The Songlines

Bruce Chatwin  Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded: August 27, 1883

Simon Winchester (Edition: 1st Harper Perennial Ed. Publ. 2005) Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
The Road from Coorain

Jill Ker Conway (Edition: First Vintage Books) Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
Helmet for My Pillow: From Parris Island to the Pacific

Robert Leckie  Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
A Night to Remember (Holt Paperback)

Walter Lord  Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
The Immortal Irishman: The Irish Revolutionary Who Became an American Hero

Timothy Egan  Hardcover

Our Price: $6.81
Fortunate Life

Facey A.B. (Edition: Reset with afterword) Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
My Place (An Australian Classic)

Sally Morgan  Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
Blue Latitudes: Boldly Going Where Captain Cook Has Gone Before

Tony Horwitz (Edition: 1st) Hardcover

Our Price: 3.58
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Australia

DK Publishing  Paperback

Our Price: 7.11
The Bounty: The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty

Caroline Alexander (Edition: First printing/Full number line) Hardcover

Our Price: 3.58
Captain Cook: Master of the Seas

Frank McLynn  Hardcover

Our Price: 3.78
The Tin Ticket: The Heroic Journey of Australias Convict Women

Deborah J. Swiss (Edition: Reprint) Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
Saints of Molokai

Maryanne Raphael  ~ Paperback

Our Price: 8.44
Hawaii (United States)

Abdo Publishing  Library Binding

Our Price: 6.58
The Fatal Shore

Robert HUGHES  Hardcover

Our Price: 4.16
The Lost Ships of Guadalcanal: Exploring the Ghost Fleet of the South Pacific

Robert D. Ballard, Rick Archbold  Hardcover

Our Price: 3.58
The High Valley

Kenneth E. Read  Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
Travelers Tales Hawaii: True Stories (Travelers Tales Guides)

Carroll, Rick (Edition: Revised) Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
Six Chapters from My Life Downunder

Yang Jiang  Paperback

Our Price: 6.73
The First Strange Place: Race and Sex in World War II Hawaii

Beth L. Bailey, David Farber  Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
The Road From Coorain

Jill Ker Conway (Edition: 1st) Hardcover

Our Price: 3.58
So You Want to Live in Hawaii

Toni Polancy  Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
The Fatal Shore

Robert Hughes  Hardcover

Our Price: 3.58
Down Under: Travels in a Sunburned Country

Bill Bryson  Mass Market Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
Touched with Fire: The Land War in the South Pacific

Eric M. Bergerud (Edition: 1St Edition) Hardcover

Our Price: 6.15
A Natural History of Australia (Natural World)

Tim M. Berra  Hardcover

Our Price: 6.42
Final Patrol: True Stories of World War II Submarines

Don Keith (Edition: First Printing) Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
A Commonwealth of Thieves: The Improbable Birth of Australia

Thomas Keneally (Edition: First Edition. 1 in number line) Hardcover

Our Price: 3.58
A Commonwealth of Thieves: The Improbable Birth of Australia

Thomas Keneally  Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
Then There Were None

Martha H. Noyes  Hardcover

Our Price: 5.88
A Fortunate Life

A.B. Facey  Paperback

Our Price: $12.70
Savings: $1.90

Jan TenBruggencate  Hardcover

Our Price: 3.87
Cold Comfort: Life at the Top of the Map (Minnesota)

Barton Sutter (Edition: 1) Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
The Tiwi of North Australia (Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology)

Charles William Merton Hart, Arnold R. Pilling, Ja (Edition: 3 Fac Sub) Paperback

Our Price: 3.58
Cousteaus Australia Journey

Jean-Michel Cousteau, Mose Richards  Hardcover

Our Price: $3.66
Savings: $0.55
The War Against the Chtorr : Invasion (A Matter For Men & A Day For Damnation)

David Gerold (Edition: Book Club Edition) Hardcover

Our Price: 5.55

Thor Heyerdahl  Paperback

Our Price: 14.51
Hawaii 24/7 (America 24/7 State Books)

DK  Hardcover

Our Price: 3.58
A Short History of Australia

Manning Clark (Edition: 4th) Paperback

Our Price: 4.43
Easter Island: Mystery of the Stone Giants

Catherine Orliac, Michel Orliac  Paperback

Our Price: $3.58
Savings: $0.54