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What is an Affiliate?
For our purposes, an affiliate is a partner in spreading the word about DiscoverBooks.com — not only that we have a vast selection of used and new books at the lowest prices online but also in our mission to promote literacy through charity and community organizations, provide funds to libraries, and responsibly divert books from landfills (to be recycled into new products).

How it Works:
As an Affiliate partner, you'll drive traffic to DiscoverBooks.com. You will inform your audience (via website, blog, social media, forums, etc.) about DiscoverBooks.com by providing a special link. When someone clicks on your link, they are tracked on our site for up to 7 days. If they purchase a book in that timeframe, you get credit for the sale. You will earn 3% for every sale that you refer to DiscoverBooks.com. The information (clicks, sales, dollar amounts, etc.) is tracked and available for you to see from your Account page. Payments are sent to you monthly (minimum payment amount is $50 USD) via PayPal. DiscoverBooks.com reserves the right to refuse entry into the program or terminate the affiliate partnership at any time.

Sign Up Today - It's Easy and Free:
Complete the form below. Our team will review your information, and if approved, we'll send you an info sheet with your personalized referral link, examples of how to link to specific products, and a set of images to utilize. NOTE: You will need to create a DiscoverBooks.com account (if you have not already) to participate in our Affiliate program.

Thanks for your interest in becoming an Affiliate Partner!

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