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Our Mission & Beliefs

Our Mission:

We strive to divert books from landfills, keep books affordable, help fund library sustainability and through our partners, provide meaningful solutions to the global problem of illiteracy.

We Believe:

That books are a timeless expression of discovery, imagination, and achievement. We Let Stories Live On by ensuring books are read again, donated to someone in need, or recycled as another useful consumer good with a new story to tell. In doing so, we contribute to the sustainability of the environment, and the betterment of the communities in which we operate.

We Value:

  • The environment. We help protect it by ensuring unwanted books are sold or redistributed, not thoughtlessly destroyed.
  • Literacy. We give books - millions of them - to literacy and community-based organizations in the communities we serve.
  • Library sustainability. We partner with libraries to improve inventory management and create new revenue streams in support of library operations.
  • Job creation. We focus on long-term, continued growth.