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I have books at home that I’d like to give away, what should I do with them?

Click here to find the collection box nearest you, or contact us to schedule a curbside pick up. In areas where Discover Books does not have operations, consider donating your books to your local thrift store, library, or a charitable organization in need of reading materials.

Always call your local library to confirm they are receiving donations as many public libraries no longer have the resources to accept and process your books. If your books are damaged, you can also call your local city government to identify recycling options.

I run a non-profit organization that is in need of books, how can my organization obtain them from Discover Books?

Click here to fill out a request form and we’ll get in touch to discuss your needs and what we can offer!

Who are the organizations to which you donate books?

Go to our partners page to learn more.

I inadvertently dropped a valuable in your collection box. What should I do?

Please contact us via email: info@discoverbooks.com you may also call 1-888-402-BOOK(2665). Though we cannot guarantee you will be able to get your items back, we will do our best to help.

I just noticed a bin that needs to be serviced, What should I do?

We take the responsibility for maintaining our bins very seriously and endeavor to respond promptly. If you notice a bin that requires servicing, Please contact us: info@discoverbooks.com you may also call 888-402-BOOK(2665), Thank you!

How do you support library fundraising efforts?

We have very positive partnerships with libraries and their support groups across the U.S. and Canada. We are routinely asked by libraries to help manage their discards because they often lack the resources to effectively do so themselves. As one of the largest sellers of online books on Amazon, we can often sell a library’s unwanted books at a higher value than they can on their own. In some cases this has been so successful libraries have asked us to place a collection box on their property so it’s even more convenient for the community to donate. We then sell unwanted books online and share the profit of that sale with the library itself. We often donate books to Friends of the Library groups to support their fundraising efforts, whether or not they choose to work with us in a revenue-sharing relationship. For more information, click here