• Libraries

      Discover Books supports libraries by creating sustainable funding streams. Learn about Discover Books payment and logistics programs and join many happy library partners around the country.

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    • Thrift Stores

      Thrift stores take in thousands of books each year, but not every book is reused. Find out how our community partnerships help local stores manage inventory and reduce their environmental impact.

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    • Partnerships

      Discover Books is dedicated to the ideal of literacy for all. Access to reading materials is critical to closing the achievement gap and driving success in underserved communities. Find out how our partnerships make a difference in this effort.

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“Books are Hope”


Discover Books has been a valued partner to Friends of The Seattle Public Library. The company delivers on promises, follows through on commitments and values its service to Library programs. This pride in service is evident from their leaders to their managers to the drivers. We couldn’t ask for a better experience. To top it off, we’ve partnered with Discover Books’ book give-away program, helping to get thousands of books into the hands of kids in our community, furthering city-wide literacy efforts...

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